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Razzino and Associates LLC

Brian Razzino PhD and associates provides therapy for and assessments of children, adolescents and adults. With the main goal of capitalizing on strengths, we work to identify individual, family, environmental, biological, and social factors that are likely to maximize progress and growth. We believe taking a comprehensive approach is essential to understanding each individual’s unique needs and getting the “big picture” to guide the most effective, practical interventions to address day-to-day issues. 

Our clinicians are trained in a variety of treatment orientations including cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and solution-focused interventions. Regardless of our orientation, it is our goal to help clients develop healthier relationships with themselves as well as with others. Individual, family and group therapy as well as parent consultations are an integral part of the practice.

For more information about our practice, reach out today.

**Now offering Alpha-Stim AID ® , empirically demonstrated cranial stimulation that relieves symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia quickly and safely without depending on medication. You can watch a short NBC News video on the device here